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Is it possible to customize generation of SQL by using custom Expression inheritors with NodeType Extension and CanReduce = false?

Consider the following gist where Name is a property in the ViewModel and Attribute1 is an attribute in SQL-typed column in MS SQL.

/* may not compile, focus is on SQL generation. */
Expression<Func<ViewModel, bool>> expr = (vm) => vm.Name == "abc" && vm.Attribute1 == 123;
var translator = new CustomExpressionVisitor();
LambdaExpression translated = (LambdaExpression)translator.Visit(expr);

translated has a custom Expression type for vm.Attribute1 == 123 part, it is of type XmlPredicateExpression and this expression has all necessary information to generate an SQL query on this column.

How can we teach EntityFramework to generate SQL for this expression? Is it possible?

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