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I have two RootElement elements boxed. See code. The deepest level is supposed to have tappable StringElement that allows selecting the current review. However, I'm getting a NULL reference error because of missing RadioGroup. Is it possible with MT.Dialog?

Root = new RootElement ("Annotations")
  new Section ("Review")
    // This element's caption is supposed to be whatever gets selected deep down.
    new RootElement("Reviews", new RadioGroup(0))
      new Section("My Reviews")
        new RootElement("Local profile")
         new Section()
           // Tapping this element should make "Local profile selected" appear as caption of the "Reviews" RootElement.
           new RadioElement("Activate", "Local profile selected")
...more elements...
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Specify the radio group, like this:

new RootElement ("Local Profile", new RadioGroup (0)) {
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