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I got a regex-validator on my asp.net page, which validates a password. The regex is


.. Now, it works fine in IE8 and FF3, but it validates to false no matter what I try in IE7. Are there any knows bugs, I should know about here? :S

Thanks in advance..

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You need to encode your entities. Try the following:

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Seems like IE7 doesn't like the {6,} at the end of the string. Found some articles about this around the web. Anyway, the solution was to put it in a region by itself :)

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It isn't the {6,} that's causing the problem, it's the lookaheads. Steve Levithan, with help from Jan Goyvaerts, did a good job of dissecting the bug in Steve's blog: blog.stevenlevithan.com/archives/regex-lookahead-bug – Alan Moore Feb 19 '10 at 23:41

Looks like you are having some encoding issues with your example there. Unless you absolutely have to have it on the client side, I recommend using a CustomValidator that validates on that executes your logic via the OnServerValidate event handler. Validating on the server side keeps you out of the javascript regular expressions cross browser compatability weirdness.

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I also had problems with Internet Explorer 7.

Here is what I was able to use, to require 8 characters, with a digit and number (allowing spaces):

(?!^[0-9]*$)(?!^[ a-zA-Z!@#$%^&amp;*()_+=<&gt;?]*$)^([ a-zA-Z!@#$%^&amp;*()_+=<&gt;?0-9]{8,20})$
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