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I'm having problem with an SqLite and metro8 application. How can i execute a query (Select) on the SqLite database?

Insert work fine (its just db.Insert(something)), but have no idea how to select values that where just inserted.

var db1 = new SQLite.SQLiteConnection(dbpath);

there is a method called :

db1.Execute(TableMapping map, string query, params object[] args)

But what are the tablemapping and params arguments in that method?

Thank you for any answer!

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Check out this question:… and this link:… – Faisal Mansoor Nov 2 '12 at 14:50

This is using a SQLiteDatabase and the sqlite-net.1.0.5 NuGet package...

We do selects like this:

    private SQLiteAsyncConnection _asyncConnection;

    public async Task<IList<string>> ReadIds()
        List<MyDataType> result = await _asyncConnection.Table<MyDataType>().ToListAsync();
            return result.Select(x => x.Id).ToList();


    public async Task<int> ReadCount(int id)
        return await _asyncConnection.ExecuteScalarAsync<int>(
               String.Format("select COUNT(*) from MyDataType where Id == '{0}'", id));
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