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It's possible to read packet one by one from a file?
I want to split my cap file in such a condition depend on the contents of packets, such as when I capture a long term packets stream, and I just need some packets to abstract, for example, I just want to abstract a tr069 session, from do a rpc calling to the end of response, then redirect these packets to a file, of course, they can mix many other packets, that's no problem, I just need these packets during the seesion, then I keep the resulted file as my record, so how can do it?
tcpdump or tshark or any other unix utils?

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Maybe filters of tcpdump solves your problem. You can read your cap file by using tcpdump and output filtered result directly to file. Example:

tcpdump -r big.pcap -w small.pcap "src port 2438"

See man page of pcap-filter(7) for more about filters.

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