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is there a groovy way to create Grails-Objects out of JSON recursively?


class Person {String name, String surname  ....}

class Text { String content, Person owner }

What is the easiest way to create objects from the following JSON:

  "content":"test test test",

or even out of:

  "content":"test test test",

A simple creation (without nested classes) works like charm with:

Person p = new Person(JSON.parse(responseBody))

Another question is: if a nested creation is not possible, how can i modify the deserialization process?

Currently i avoid the problem through manual assignment:

def jsonObj = new JsonSlurper().parseText( element.toString() )

It would be nice if there were an generic approach.

thank you

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I haven't done it before, but I imagine you could use reflection.

def myClass = Class.forName("${owner.class}")
def classLoader = this.getClass().getClassLoader()
def myDomain = (myClass, true, classLoader).newInstance())

edit: left out an ending parenthesis

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