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How to find out the baseline/profile of a mp4 video file?

The unix tool file only says ISO Media, MPEG v4 system, version 2 But there are differences between mp4s.

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FFprobe is a great tool for getting video information, including profile, and can output a variety of easily parsed formats.

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you could use the mediainfo tool on the file. Output is like this:

Codec/CC                                 : avc1
Codec profile                            : Main@L3.0 
Codec settings                           : 2 Ref Frames
Codec settings, CABAC                    : No

or if you want to find out without an external tool you would need to parse the MP4 up to /moov/trak/mdia/minf/stbl/stsd/avc1/avcC . In the avcC box you can find the SPS (sequence parameter set) and that data structure contains the fields profile_idc and level_idc. Annex A of the 14496-10 specification then allows you to translate these two fields to actual level and profile.

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Just a side note: mediainfo has an option of XML output, simplifying things somewhat. – kmelva Jan 15 '13 at 15:48

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