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I was going through the single page applications of the MVC4 and I could see that upshot.js interacting with the WebApi which is really cool. But going through the controller code i found that the Controller derives from the DbDataController which directly consumes my EntityFramework DbContext to do database operations. But what if I want to do those operations, say like my models are not entities , but plain models which I need to store into a NoSql database like RavenDb. What should I do so that I could get all those features of Upshot, but the database operations I should be able to do it ? And how i will give those metadata of the models to the upshot?

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I faced the same issue, and after a lot of research; I comes with a conclusion: Microsoft Single Page App is not mature and this MVC Template removed from VS 2012.

See this Videos for JayData ... that thing makes me drool

And for client navigation between pages in your app use Sammy JS. It seems that John Papa recommends this library in his next videos in

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Check this library It seems interesting – bunjeeb Jun 10 '13 at 10:00

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