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In my mailer I have a date with Spanish format:

sábado, 21 de julio del 2012

I have a custom formatter for that configured in my config/locales/es.yml

my_date_format: ! '%A, %-d de %B del %Y, %k:%M'

I'm trying to test it this way:

test "date with accent" do
  mail = MyMailer.my_template

  assert_match I18n.l(@object.date, format: :my_date_format), mail.body.encoded

But it fails:

# Running tests:


Finished tests in 0.438078s, 2.2827 tests/s, 15.9789 assertions/s.

1) Failure: test_date_with_accent(MyMailerTest) [test/unit/mailers/my_mailer_test.rb:12]: Expected /sábado,\ 21\ de\ julio\ del\ 2012,\ 14:10/ to match "...... .......s=C3=A1bado, 21 de julio del 2012, 14:10\r\n ........".

(I have omitted the rest of the email content)

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Looks like an encoding issue. As far as I know, mail.body.encoded will be of a binary encoding and the I18n string is a utf-8 encoded. Try this : assert_match ......., mail.body.encoded.force_encoding("ISO-8859-1").encode("UTF-8") –  Kashyap Jul 19 '12 at 12:16
I get exactly the same result. –  David Jul 19 '12 at 12:19

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As the encoded body is "quoted printable", let's encode the testing date.

First we create a custom method for String:

class String
  def to_quoted_printable(*args)
    [self].pack("M").gsub(/\=\n/, "")

This can be placed inside test_helper.rb

Next we just use that custom method to prepare the date value, so the match can be done:

assert_match I18n.l(@object.date, format: :my_date_format).to_quoted_printable, mail.body.encoded

Now the date is properly encoded and the test will pass.

Or even simpler, it's not necessary to encode the email body, so this can also be done:

assert_match I18n.l(@object.date, format: :my_date_format), mail.text_part.body.to_s
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