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I'm trying to implement an Ajax wall posting system (this tutorial)which only works changing my page extension from .php to .html (it's an html file in the tutorial).

I'm developing the website locally. So, I guess the problem is related with some server configuration. (I use mamp pro). I know it's a lot of code but I'm struggling to find a solution. thanks in advance

this is the code:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () { // When the dom is ready
$('#fetched_data').hide(); // Hide div id by default
$('#ajax_flag').val(0); // Initialize value to zero i.e  input tag with id='ajax_flag'      will have a new attribute 'value=0'
 $(document).keypress(function (e) { // Listen to keyboard press event by user 
    if (e.keyCode == 32 || e.charCode == 32) { // if user press spacebar 
        var content = $('#wall').val(); // Get all the data in the textarea 
        var url = content.match(/https?:\/\/([-\w\.]+)+(:\d+)?(\/([\w/_\.]*(\?\S+)?)?)?/);
        // regular expression that will allow us to extract url from the textarea
        if (url.length > 0 && $('#ajax_flag').val() == 0) { // If there's atleast one url  entered in the textarea
            //ajax_flag ensure that if a url is found and user press spacebar,ajax will trigger only once .
            $("#fetched_data").slideDown('show'); // show this div with a 'slidedown' effect - previously hiddden by default
            $("#loader").html("<img style='float:right;' src='image/ajax-loader.gif'>"); // Add an Ajax loading image similar to facebook
            $.get("get_content.php?url=" + url[0], function (response) { // Ajax call using get passing the url extracted from the textarea
                $("#ajax_content").html(response) //Place the response processed by get_content.php and place it in a div with id = ajax_content
                $('#loader').empty(); // remove the ajax loading image now
                $('img#1').fadeIn(); // Add a fading effect with the first image thumbnail extracted from the external website
                $('#current_img').val(1); // Initiate value =1 - this will be used for the next / previous button

            $('#ajax_flag').val(1); // Ensure that only once ajax will trigger if a url match is found in the textarea
        return false();


///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  Next image
$('#next').livequery("click", function () { // when user click on next button
    var firstimage = $('#current_img').val(); // get the numeric value of the current image
    if (firstimage <= $('#total_images').val() - 1) // as long as last image has not been reached
        $('img#' + firstimage).hide(); // hide the current image to be able to display the next image
        firstimage = parseInt(firstimage) + parseInt(1); // Increment image no so that next image no. can be displayed
        $('#current_img').val(firstimage); // Incremented in input tag
        $('img#' + firstimage).show(); // show second image
    $('#totalimg').html(firstimage + ' of ' + $('#total_images').val()); // Update the current image no display value

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  Next image
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  prev image
$('#prev').livequery("click", function () { // When user clicks on Previous Button
    //Same logic as for Next Button
    var firstimage = $('#current_img').val();

    if (firstimage >= 2) {
        $('img#' + firstimage).hide();
        firstimage = parseInt(firstimage) - parseInt(1);
        $('img#' + firstimage).show();
    $('#totalimg').html(firstimage + ' of ' + $('#total_images').val());
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  prev image

///////////////////////////////Share Button
$('#shareButton').livequery("click", function () { //if user clicks on share button
    var textarea_content = $('textarea#wall').val(); // get the content of what user typed ( in textarea ) 
    if (textarea_content != '') { // if textarea is not empty 
        var sitetitle = $('label.title').html(); // then get external site title (if there's any )
        if (sitetitle == null) {
            sitetitle = ' ';

        var siteurl = $('label.url').html(); // get site url ( if there's any )
        if (siteurl == null) { // if no value retrieved
            siteurl = ' '; //set to blank to prevent 'null' or 'undefined' displayed on page
        var sitedesc = $('label.desc').html(); // get external site description ( if there's any)
        if (sitedesc == null) { // if no value retrieved
            sitedesc = ' '; //set to blank to prevent 'null' or 'undefined' displayed on page
        var current_image_id = $('input#current_img').val(); // get the current image thumbnail id (if there's any) 
        // we need that id to post the correct image chosen by user in  wall post
        if (current_image_id != '') { //make sure id is retrieved successfully 
            var current_image_url = $("img#" + current_image_id).attr("src"); // get the current image displayed in thumbnail url in "src" tag
            if (current_image_url != '') { //if there's an image url
                var image_html = '<div class="img_attachment"> <img class="external_pic" width="90" height="67"  src="' + current_image_url + '">'; // prepare image url 'embeded with appropriate html
            } else {
                var image_html = ''; //No image to display ( it means that no image url was retrieved from external website , ( ignoring <div class = 'img_attachement> .. </div>
        } else {
            var image_html = ''; // set to nothing

        var wall_post = '<li> <img src="image/avatar.jpg" class="avatar">    <div class="status">     <h2><a href="#" target="_blank">Hyder Abbass</a></h2>  <p class="message">' + textarea_content + '</p> ' + image_html + '<div class="data"><p class="name"><a href="' + siteurl + '" target="_blank">' + sitetitle + '</a></p><p class="caption">' + siteurl + '</p><p class="description">' + sitedesc + '</p></div></div> </div><p class="likes">5 hours ago ·            100 Likes </p></li>';

        var message_wall = $('#message_wall').attr('value');

            type: "POST",
            url: "",
            data: "message_wall=" + wall_post,
            success: function () {
        //Add the prepared html to add in div with id = wallz
        //After adding the post wall ,
        $('textarea#wall').val(''); // remove text in the textarea 
        $('#ajax_content').empty(); // empty the div with id = ajax_content ( contains previous content fetched via ajax )
        $('#fetched_data').hide(); // hide the div 
        $('#ajax_flag').val(0); //reset  this to zero  
    } else {
        alert('Enter some text ! ');


and the html:

<input  name="current_img" id="current_img" type="hidden"/>
<input  name="ajax_flag" id="ajax_flag" type="hidden"/>
 <div style="border:solid 1px #B4BBCD;">
<div id="fetched_data">
  <div id="loader"> </div>
  <div id="ajax_content"></div>
 <div id="textareaWrap">
<textarea  id="wall"></textarea>
<div id="sharebtn"> <a class="button Share" style="" id="shareButton"> Share</a> </div>
<!-- wall starts here -->
 <div id="wallz" class="fb_wall">
<ul id="posts">
  <!-- wall Ends here --> 

Is there any particularly reason for that? thanks

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provide more information, is the url correct? does php file exist? –  Phoenix Jul 19 '12 at 12:18
the .php file exist and works. When I add the wall script, everything still works except for the button (to post on the wall). If I change the extension of that page from .php to .html I'm then able to post on the wall but off course all the php don't work. –  mattia Jul 19 '12 at 12:24

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