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I'm using the gem mailboxer.
Can anyone show me how to count the number of unread messages in inbox?

I tried:

<%= current_user.mailbox.inbox.unread.count %>

but I get

'ArgumentError in Messages#received wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)'
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With version 0.10 :


With version 0.11, I think it would be (tough I havn't tested it)

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I am using the version 0.9.x of mailboxer. They renamed the corresponding database field from read to is_read. To count the unread messages of a user simply use:

@user.mailbox.receipts.where(:is_read => false).count
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Taking a look at the source code, i found this about the unread method:

#Mark the object as unread for messageable.
def unread(obj)

All this method marks the message/mail as unread, intead of retrieving all unread messages.
Down the class i found this def search_messages(query) method that probably has something to do with your question.

Link to the class.

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Thanks! I'm so newbie so that I think I cannot figure out how to make my own from source code. But Thanks:) – MKK Jul 19 '12 at 12:33
The name of the method is misleading tough – pinouchon May 29 '13 at 8:32

For me this one worked best:

current_user.mailbox.inbox(:unread => true).count(:id, :distinct => true)
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