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I want to disallow the author of a change to review his/her own changes in . I'm aware of this suggested hack, but that doesn't really solve the issue.

Now I learned from the gerrit issues that gerrit's hardcoded rules can be modified by custom prolog code, so it should potentially be possible to modify the workflow as I want. However, I have never modified gerrit's workflow before and I don't know much .

Does anyone have a small working example of custom rules for gerrit using this prolog engine?

I will happily accept other alternatives of how to forbid authors doing a self-review, given they do not require my team to change the current workflow.

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I'm not sure that this what you are looking for but it might give you some inspiration. According to this discussion the following fragment approves changes only if the reviewer and the change owner are not the same person.

  % If a reviewer approved the change, its OK.
  submit_rule(submit(CR)) :-
    max_with_block('Code-Review', -2, 2, ok(Reviewer)),
    not_same(Owner, Reviewer),
    CR = label('Code-Review', ok(Reviewer)),
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