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I found similar problem on Cakephp Xml to Array to Database, but has not been fully resolved.

I have xml file with structure like this:

<sec tab="mmm" type="sss">
    <param name="city" type="text">London</param>
    <param name="price" type="text">1000</param>        
    <param name="photo1" type="text">filename26_1.jpg</param>
    <param name="photo2" type="text">filename26_2.jpg</param>
    <param name="photo3" type="text">filename26_3.jpg</param>
    <param name="city" type="text">Liverpoll</param>
    <param name="price" type="text">1200</param>    
    <param name="photo1" type="text">filename27_1.jpg</param>
    <param name="photo2" type="text">filename27_2.jpg</param>
    <param name="photo3" type="text">filename27_3.jpg</param>
<sec tab="xxx" type="sss">
    <param name="city" type="text">London</param>
    <param name="price" type="text">50</param>      
    <param name="photo1" type="text">filename11_1.jpg</param>
    <param name="photo2" type="text">filename11_2.jpg</param>
    <param name="photo3" type="text">filename11_3.jpg</param>

I also have database structure like TABLE OFFERS with

offer_id => id from xml file
offer-tab, => value of <section tab>
offer-type, => value of <section type>
city, => value of <param name="city">
price, => value of <param name="price">

Please help to write the model (if needed) and a controller that will do the import of offers - from xml file to database.

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Is this a 1-off import? Or is the XML a datasource? –  Dunhamzzz Jul 19 '12 at 12:34
It's not about XML as a constant source of information. In short, once every two weeks I get a small XML file with the offer and I need it to collect in a database. –  user1537787 Jul 19 '12 at 12:41

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