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I have 2 Jenkins hosts, and would like First Jenkins to trigger a job on remote Jenkins based on "SUCCESS" in result on the first one. I have looked at various plugins , but they all seem to indicate ONE Jenkins host, where multiple jobs can be chained in this manner.

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You could set up a downstream job on host1 that only builds if first job on host1 succeeds. In this job you would trigger a remote build much like i described it in this answer

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Yes. Configure your Jenkins nodes and label them, say masterand slave (Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes).

1) Configure Job A and specify that it can only run on master ("Restrict where this project can be run" and in the label field put master).

2) Configure Job B so that it is only triggered if Job A is successful:

"Post-build Actions" -> "Trigger only if build succeeds"

3) Pin Job B to slave similar to step 1.

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BOTH the Jenkins are Masters in my case, and there IS no slave. Since as far as i understand a slave need NOT have Jenkins installed, but rather have a conduit where Master Jenkins Executes commands on remote and gets results via ssh, or other means. So how would this work with multiple masters ? –  kamal Jul 19 '12 at 13:10
It wouldn't. In this case, you could add a post-build step (e.g. execute a shell script or Groovy) and invoke the second build via a URL. –  armandino Jul 19 '12 at 13:40

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