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i already customized header & footer by CSS. Now i want to rearrange the home page with new html elements.


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It is possible, you should address to application/modules/core/layouts/default.tpl.

Check the CSS classes to further alter the style and display of your network.

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We recommend first adding or changing CSS rules in the themes.css or constants.css files which can be found and edited in the Theme Editor.

  1. For more information about the Theme Editor, please see: http://support.socialengine.com/questions/210/Admin-Panel-Layout-Theme-Editor

  2. Further CSS editing of the header and footer can be modified in the

    /application/modules/Core/externals/styles/main.css file.
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The Best Way:

Create a simple widget put your all HTML in that and through layout manager render it to home page. Through this you would need not to change core files.

To create a widget refer below user:


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