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I'm using ImageMagick to process my images. How can I add sepia effect to my image using ImageMagick? I found that it is possible (link), but I haven't found any info about how to do it.

I'm coding with Objective-C.

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why don't you use the CIFilter of the CoreImage.framework...? –  holex Jul 19 '12 at 13:00
Well, I'm using ImageMagick for all my images processing (loading, saving, effects adjustment) so I don't know if starting to use CoreImage for only sepia would be good idea. I should add there pretty much code I guess for later image processing then. –  hockeyman Jul 19 '12 at 13:06

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On the commandline it works like this:

convert image.jpeg -sepia-tone 80% sepia.png    # input: JPEG, output: PNG
convert image.jpeg -sepia-tone 90% sepia.tiff   # input: JPEG, output: TIFF, less sepia
convert image.jpeg -sepia-tone 70% sepia.tiff   # input: JPEG, output: TIFF, more sepia
convert image.png  -sepia-tone 60% sepia.png    # input: PNG, output: PNG, even more sepia

Easy, isn't it. Just experiment a bit to determine just how much (or how little) sepia you want.

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