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I havent found something for my needs and symfony2 doesnt have what I need in a bundle. I want to have provide a way in my backend for users to have photos for slideshow in my site, fancybox galleries, single image in several pages.

Solution ideas

  • First Delima

    So the first question is whether gallery should be based on filesystem or in database. A requirement is that if they change album location like move albums within an archive album, user photos links in pages should not be broken. So in case of a filesystem an update would be required in database to change the urls (for selected images within each page), but this seems hacky at least and not robust. Too many gotchas (locked files, permisions, fail in the middle etc).

    In case of database all files are stored within a single folder and albums managed by database, not a physical folder. It seems easy to keep reference to file even if albums move or change name as it requires no physical movement of file.

  • Second Delima (if we choose database-based)

    So in case of database filenames would look really bad, a guid maybe. This is not necessarly bad, but what should I do if they want nice links ? Like /gallery/albumx/imagex.jpg. Should I store the fake url or each album and original file name for each picture? It seems that I should take care of special characters in order this thing to work and not sure if this is the solution.

    In addition to this how should I return images in this case ? Redirect to actual image path? Or file_get_contents like thing and do work to set the headers ? Aren't they slow ?

  • Third delima

    I have seen server image resizing bundles for symfony. I want it based on context. Like slideshowA should have this size. FancyBox Gallery should have normal and thumbnail size... I guess this is somehow possible as there are some good bundles for this. The problem is if this database structure is ok for my needs

For gallery

Albums(id, name, parent,url)  (url in case of nice links)
Media(id, album_id, filename, original_filename, metadata)

For selected media (used in pages)

Collection(id, context) (context like slideshow,gallery,blog-image etc)
Media_collection(collection_id, media_id, metadata) 

I guess for resizing I could use a symfony bundle.

However for slideshow I need to hold the image width in order that to work, I guess in metadata.

So I want to hear your suggestions how to make this thing work..

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