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I have the following code:

$('.field').keypress(function(event) {
    if (event.keyCode == 27) alert(event.keyCode);

I need to catch "Escape" pressing and do some actions. But now it code does't work. I have tried to use this code:

$('.field').keypress(function(event) {

I was pressing by Escape button, but it didn't work (I haven't seen any alerts). Please, tell me, how can I fix it?

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jQuery normalises the keyCode in the event.which property. It's not an answer and won't solve the problem but just a tip –  Esailija Jul 19 '12 at 13:25
@Esailija: Talk about learning something every day...I thought it was keyCode that jQuery normalized (from which as necessary), but the docs are clear it's the other way around. Thanks. –  T.J. Crowder Jul 19 '12 at 13:40
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Use keydown or keyup rather than keypress. keypress only fires for keystrokes that result in characters, which (by convention) Esc doesn't (even though some charsets, such as ASCII, do have a character called "escape").

For more about handling keystrokes in JavaScript: JavaScript Madness: Keyboard Events

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