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In our Flex application we have an ActionScript3 class containing a property like this:

public var listOfThings:Vector.<Thing>;

And, in the corresponding Java class:

public Vector<Thing> listOfThings;

But we don't seem to be able to map that directly using BlazeDS (AMF3). We get this run-time error (sorry it's in Spanish):

TypeError: Error #1034: Error de conversión forzada: no se puede convertir
mx.collections::ArrayCollection@aa87ac1 en __AS3__.vec.Vector.<my.domain::Thing>.

Is there definitely no way to map Vector types between Java and AS3? I can't find a single example (but I do find a couple of low-level AMF3 attempts at [de]marshalling) therefore I take there isn't a way?

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There is no such mapping.
You have 2 options which will preserve the marshalling of the vector content:

  1. Convert your vector to an array
  2. Convert your vector to a flex collection
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Thanks. This confirms my suspicion. I'll just wait a few days before marking your answer as “accepted”, in case there's someone out there with a magical way to pass Vectors as Vectors. – tripu Jul 23 '12 at 13:42
No problem, but such solution doesn't exist! – Florent Jul 23 '12 at 14:34

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