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I have a webservice that takes PrintersSetting and a file from a users PC and prints them to the printer on our print server. PrintersSetting settings is being a set by the user In Dev and Testing environment it works fine but in production I am getting an error "Access Denied". we have made sure that the "Everyone" has access to the printer and we set in app.config we even log on to the server with the user account Thewebservice and print directly to the printer and that works fine. But we stil get that error message.

Anyone encounter this problem before?

Thanks, Marios

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The problem wasn't the printing it was a call to a command line utility. the user was not admin on the box so there was insufficient rights to run the utility.

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Glad to know it's working. You can accept your own answer, if you like... –  John Saunders Jul 24 '09 at 15:04
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