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I am using MonkeyRunner to test my very broad application and running many different scripts on my devices. However it is taking a long time to figure out where the x/y coordinates are on every touch of the screen. I tried using this nice plugin http://blogs.wittwer.fr/whiler/2011/07/01/editeur-monkeyrunner/ but its coordinates are not accurate enough....Is there any app I can install that will give me a toast for the coordinates I need?

device.touch(225, 182, "DOWN_AND_UP")
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The coordinates of every touch can be obtained using Settings -> Developer options -> Pointer location, but perhaps you don't need the coordinates at all. Take a look at http://dtmilano.blogspot.ca/2012/05/androidviewclient-q.html which describes how you can use View IDs to obtain coordinates and send events.

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