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In the screen shot below there are squares around the numbers and circles around superscript text.

I have found plenty of sites that puts background shapes in the TextView both not around a certain word in the text and some sites that discuss nine-patch.

Is this possible to do in the TextView or do i need to use a different View? Any help with this would be fantastic.


screen shot is here

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Your best bet would be a WebView with content formatted as HTML.

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Thank-you for the suggestion. Changed to WebView in my app and things started to fall into place – Mark Davenport Aug 7 '12 at 12:32

There is some formatting you can do on a text view, I'm not sure about boxes but you can check it out:

Spanned and it's subclasses and in Html there's a fromHtml that returns a SpannableString

maybe on those classes, find your answer, you will.

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You can design an HTML string for your texts and render it in TextView using


or you can load HTML string content in WebView using

webview.loadData("htmlcontent", "text/html", "utf-8");

or if you have html file, you can directly load it in WebView using webView.loadUrl(url);

PS : List of HTML tags supported by TextView

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