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I use the bindkey command in my .screenrc file to make use of the F5 and F6 keys:

# Split/restore on F5/F6
bindkey -k k5 split
bindkey -k k6 only

However, a few programs use those keys as inputs (like htop). Is there a way of bypassing the GNU screen key bindings so that those keystrokes go to the current terminal?

I've tried Ctrl-a, F5 but that doesn't seem to work. And it doesn't seem to mention anything about bypassing the bindings in the documentation.

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Looks like I've figured it out.

The mapdefault command is intended for this purpose.

With the following added to the .screenrc file you are able to type Ctrl-A e <key> or Ctrl-A Ctrl-E <key> and have <key> sent to the terminal:

# It's sometimes useful to have a quote key.
bind ^E mapdefault
bind e mapdefault
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