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I am actually using TinyTDS and activerecord-sql-adapter gems, to connect to my DB. Every error messages are displayed in English (i.e : ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid TinyTds::Error: Invalid column name 'rofl'.:)

Is there a way to have this kind of messages displayed in another language ? I was not able to find any parameterizable file or something else about this problem.

Thank you.

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Use the "SET LANGUAGE ..." to the one of your choice after connecting. The SQL Server adapter provides a callback method to configure each connection for things just like this. See this section of the README.

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Thank you for your answer, now I have my error messages in French :) I wrote an initializer to achieve that (see below). ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::SQLServerAdapter.class_eval do def configure_connection raw_connection_do "SET LANGUAGE French" end end – Syph3R Aug 28 '12 at 6:57

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