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I am sure this is quite basic but I am unable to use ../model inside {{#if_eq}}. I even tried using ../../model and this points to a child of model._revs_info.

  {{#each model._revs_info}} 
        {{debug ../model}}
        {{#if_eq status compare="available"}} 
            {{debug ../model}}
            <a href="#list/{{}}/{{rev}}">{{rev}}</a>

{{#if_eq}} has been copied from

 * If Equals
 * if_eq this compare=that
Handlebars.registerHelper('if_eq', function(context, options) {
    if (context ==
        return options.fn(this);
    return options.inverse(this);

{{debug}} has been copied from

Handlebars.registerHelper("debug", function(optionalValue) {
  console.log("Current Context");

  if (optionalValue) {
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According to Handlebars documentation on paths,

The ../ path segment references the parent template scope, not one level up in the context. This is because block helpers can invoke a block with any context, so the notion of "one level up" isn't particularly meaningful except as a reference to the parent template scope.

Each block helper defines a scope, so in if_eq your hierarchy looks like

  1. base template,
  2. each scope,
  3. if_eq scope.

Point to the grand parent, ../../model and you get the correct context.

And a Fiddle based on your code Another one with debug active,

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