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I want to filter Wireshark's monitoring results according to a filter combination of source, destination ip addresses and also the protocol. So, right now I'm able to filter out the activity for a destination and source ip address using this filter expression: (ip.dst == xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx && ip.src == xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) || (ip.dst == xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx && ip.src == xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)

This gives me request response activity of the 2 ip addresses which are destination and source both depending upon whether it is a request or a response. But now, I am getting results for HTTP and TCP both. I want to see results only for HTTP.

Any suggestions how to do that?

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(ip.dst == xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx && ip.src == xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) || (ip.dst == xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx && ip.src == xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) && http

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keep wiki.wireshark.org/DisplayFilters as your cheat sheet –  Keshi Jul 19 '12 at 14:15
Eeks! I had actually tried that but don't know why it didn't work. Thanks a lot for the solution!! –  Abhijeet Vaikar Jul 19 '12 at 14:43

I like (ip.addr==XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX && http) for a single host. You could also do (ip.addr==XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX or XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX && http) for two hosts.

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It worked for me using the solution provided by Keshi! But, thanks for this though! :) –  Abhijeet Vaikar Apr 3 '13 at 14:58

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