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Is it possible to use the WebBrowser control as a UI interface in C#?

I like to write a string of HTML directly into the control and get an event and read the value of the hyperlinks when such a link is clicked. HTML is a great rendering language and it seems to be a waste if we could not use this technology in applications.

If this is not possible are there any good alternatives, as the WPF controls are not 'fluid' enough. I require a very flexible rendering environment but prefer not to reinvent the wheel.

I like to clarify that of course I can include such a control and get and send data using HPPT or other protocols but in my case I want to directly assign a string of HTML and capture the click on hyperlink events.

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You can host any Windows Forms control in a WindowsFormHost (you'll probably find it in the toolbox.

However, FlowDocument maybe more suitable for such things, as it's truly WPF, so it can be the content of any control.

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I wouldn't start off a new program based on a WinForms-WPF mix. From what I've heard the WindowsFormHost was mainly intended for migrating applications to WPF, not for new software. – Zyphrax Jul 20 '09 at 23:22
That's true. This is why I suggested FlowDocument. – Tamás Szelei Jul 20 '09 at 23:33

You could use the WebBrowser control to render your application's UI. I would advise against it. Versions of the controls could influence the way your application renders and it's going to be a hasle to mantain all the resources used in the UI (html, pics, javascript?)

Read a bit more on WPF, Expression Blend 3 was just released and you can make an awesome UI with it. To keep it fluid don't go crazy on things like transparency, it slows down loading times. WPF is a far more future proof technique.

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