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Every thing is ok This model:

[Range(1, 24, ErrorMessage = "Invalid Hour")]
public int? val1{ get; set; }

on the other hand; this returns invalid error. if i dont write any value in EndDateTime:

public DateTime? EndDateTime { get; set; }


if (!ModelState.IsValid)
    return View(myinstance);

return invalid enddatetime But i give nullable value property. i gave empty value on enddatetime, but return to me invalid enddatetime error.How to solve it?

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please can show us the code that for "gave empty value on enddatetime," – HatSoft Jul 19 '12 at 15:14
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It doesn't matter if the database accepts nulls. The ModelState will not return valid if the value does not pass the validation. Add a default value that will pass the validation.

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