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My question: Is there a way I can configure my Typekit account so that the font names match with the initial account?

The explanation:

I am in the process of migrating a site from one typekit account to another.

The issue I am having is that the first account has all its font names ending with -1, so that the css of the website currently has font-family entries like this:

font-family: 'museo-sans-1';
font-family: 'superclarendon-1';

Since I do not own this typekit account (hence the reason for the switch), I can't go in an see why the font names are defined as such.

On my typekit account, if I want to use the same fonts, I would need to change the font-family entries to this:

font-family: 'museo-sans';
font-family: 'superclarendon';

Does anyone know why it's behaving this way (the -1)?

I tried checking the box that says “Include variation-specific font-family names” but it doesn’t seem to work, as the font names all end with –LETTER 1 (for example: museo-sans-n1)

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Just got an answer back from Typekit's support personel. I think sharing it here will help the internet (hopefully)!

This is a copy/paste from the e-mail I got from them:

The font family names that end in -1/-2 is an old convention that Typekit no longer uses. It is still in place on kits that were created during that time, because we didn't want to force users to edit their CSS.

Since you have created a new kit, you will have to update the site CSS to use the newer font family name, e.g. "museo-sans".

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