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I wanted to create a custom selector similar to Basic CSS Selectors, not like those Pseudo selectors which starts with a colon (created using $.expr[':']).
This is to incorporate the document.elementFromPoint method to jquery.
I wrote a code for that as follows:

$._find = $.find;
$.find = function(query, context, extra, seed ){
    var start,end,expr,_ref,top,left;
    if(typeof query === 'string'){
        start = query.indexOf("(");
        end = query.indexOf(")",start);
        if(start !== -1 && end !== -1){
            expr = "["+query.slice(start+1,end)+"]";
            _ref = $.parseJSON(expr);top=_ref[0];left=_ref[1];
            return $([document.elementFromPoint(top,left)]);
    return $._find.apply(null,[query, context, extra, seed]);

It works for the normal queries. but when a code $('(10,20)') is executed, an empty jquery result is returned.
The problem is happening at the line return $([document.elementFromPoint(top,left)]); as the previous line happens to give a valid DOM Element.

Any comment is welcome.

PS: I'm not looking for a Pseudo-Selector,Thanks in advance

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What's wrong with just returning the DOM Element then? You can always wrap it with a jQuery selector later if you want to use it that way. Alternatively, get rid of the square brackets and just return $(document.elementFromPoint(top,left)) –  Archer Jul 19 '12 at 15:34
@Archer i tried it, and it will not work, the fix is like this, return $.makeArray(document.elementFromPoint(top,left), extra), any way this will work only for one selector, and will break the queries like $('(10,20),div').... –  Avinash R Jul 20 '12 at 6:17

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