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I want to populate a CheckedListBox based on the items passed into a form's constructor (in this case, a List<int>).

My skeleton code for this is:

foreach (int platypus in listPlatypi)
    userFriendlyPlatypusName = ExpandFromPlatypusID(platypus);
    // I want to store a verbose string in an Item of the CheckedListBox, something like:
    // Item item = new Item(userFriendlyPlatypusName); // what data type should "Item" be?
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Were you looking for checkedListBox1.Items.Add(userFriendlyPlatypusName); ?

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oh, boy - why that wasn't obvious to me yesterday is now mind-boggling and embarrassing. –  B. Clay Shannon Jul 19 '12 at 17:40

The answer depends on what you are doing outside of the skeleton code listed. What matters is what information your code needs when acting on the list items later.

CheckedListBox works just like ListBox. The text displayed is the result of each item's .ToString().

If strings work, then add the display name text.

If you need more information stored per Item, add a ToString() override to your class and .Add() the full item.

If that's not an option, create a small display wrapper:

public class PlatypusDisplayWrapper {
   public Platypus {get; set;}
   public override string ToString() { 
       return this.Platypus.Name;
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