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I have a problem with a query: I have a table with a list of orders placed by customers

orders: customer_id, payment_method ...some other field

I need to extract the customer_id and a 'YES' if the customer has made ​​at least one payment with a specific mode of payment

I tried something like this:

SELECT DISTINCT o.customer_id, 
CASE WHEN o.payment_method = 10 THEN 'YES' ELSE 'NO' END AS credit_card
FROM orders AS o
WHERE o.year = 2012
ORDER BY o.customer_id

but in case the customer has made ​​payments with different payment methods are shown two records, one with 'YES' one with a 'NO'... it's possible to get only one value?

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SELECT   o.customer_id, 
         IF(MAX(IF(o.payment_method=10, 1, 0)) = 1, 'YES', 'NO') credit_card
FROM     orders o
WHERE    o.year = 2012
GROUP BY o.customer_id
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You can do a self join with group by and test for NULL in the joined table (untested):

SELECT customer_id, IF(p.customer_id IS NULL, 'NO', 'YES')
FROM orders o
LEFT OUTER JOIN orders p ON o.customer_id = p.customer_id AND p.payment_method = 10
    AND p.year = 2012
WHERE o.year = 2012
GROUP BY o.customer_id
ORDER BY o.customer_id

Not sure if you need the p.year = 2012 condition or not from the question.

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