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I've one repeater (REPEATER SON) inside another repeater (REPEATER FATHER)...

In codeside I set the repeaterSON datasource with a list SON1, and the repeaterFATHER with list FATHER1.

In clientside (ASPX), in repeaterSON i get some label texts with <%#Eval("propObjrepeaterSON)"%>... and in repeaterFATHER some label texts with <%#Eval("propObjFATHER1")%>.

In clientside, how do I get the value of SON1 list in repeater B ?

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Use appropriate naming/id/css class conventions and use jQuery to select them. – Jaime Torres Jul 19 '12 at 16:45
I advice you use Firebug in FireFox, Webmaster tools in Explorer or Webmaster tools in Chrome (F12) and find the object you want to know his name. Then, use JQuery – Alberto León Jul 19 '12 at 16:56

Give each repeaterSON a unique id, e.g. repeaterSON_<%#Eval("sonID")#>. Then you can get the specific repeaterSON using jQuery.

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