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I have a database of information that is tagged using XML. The XML represents a hierarchy that I would like to account for in search and query. For example, if the data is book metadata:

    <author id="jd112">John Doe</author>
    <title>John's First Publication</title>
    <summary>This is a mundane memoir of John's life that no one else would care to read </summary>

I'll have tons of such XML documents. I would like searchers to restrict queries to specific fields. I would like to also allow searchers to do logical combinations of those.

Does Lucene/Solr provide such an ability, or should I be looking at some other technology? If Lucene it is, a pointer to how I might go about this would be helpful.

Thanks for your insights.


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Yes, and it is the best way to use it, but documents should be reformatted possibly

and google about configuring schema.xml

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Thanks for the super quick and accurate response – Raj Jul 23 '12 at 23:08

You can import your xml files without needing to convert them yourself to the Sorl xml format, just use DataImportHandler and apply an xsl tranformation

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