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I want to start developing for Windows Mobile Devices, as I plan to buy one next week. (pay day)

So far most of my PDA experience is with Palm OS (m100, m105, Zire 71 and T3). For Palm there are a few good utilities for programming, mainly PocketC and OnboardC. These let you program and test on the road. I would use PocketC quite a bit for testing and prototyping, before coding the full app on my PC.

Now the question is are there any equivalents for Windows Mobile, that will let me compile/interpret code on the phone?

Thank you

P.S. I'm aware of PocketC CE, which is no longer supported, and PythonCE, though I would prefer something that is still supported and is or like C or C++.

Maybe I should have stated that I'm on a budget, NSBasic seems good, but at $149.99 it's nearly the price of the device. The only other issue is that it's BASIC.

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hmmm.. So you really want to develop on the device? Why?

Anyway, Here are your options:

I know you mentioned PythonCE & Pocket C. But added for comprehension :)

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I have my best Ideas when I'm far away from a machine. I did a large amount of my testing and development on my Palm during uni. As my Palm has had it, I've invested in a HTV Touch Dual (Window Mobile 6), and would like to do the same on it as my palm. –  thing2k Oct 2 '08 at 20:55
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How about NSBASIC? Their product page (http://www.nsbasic.com/ce/) says you can develop on the device, but I only have personal experience with the Palm version where I didn't need to develop anywhere other than the desktop.

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NS Basic/CE allows you to program on the device. It has a built in screen designer and a simple debugger. The language itself is VBScript (a subset of VB), with extensions for Windows Mobile. It also supports external dll's for SQLite, Winsock and lots more.

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I don't know if it would do what you want, but there's also MortScript.

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