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I am receiving this error in my log console:

The amount is invalid

I am working in development env, with http://localhost:3000/

I have in my controller:

def pay
 pay_request = PaypalAdaptive::Request.new
     data = {
       "returnUrl" => user_orders_url(current_user),
       "requestEnvelope" => {"errorLanguage" => "en_US"},
       "currencyCode" => "USD",
       "receiverList" =>
               { "receiver" => [
                 {"receiver"=> [{"email"=>"email1", "amount"=>"10.00", "primary" => true}, {"email"=>"email2", "amount"=>"9.00", "primary" => false}]}
       "cancelUrl" => user_orders_url(current_user),
       "actionType" => "PAY",
       "ipnNotificationUrl" => ipn_notification_user_orders_url(current_user)
     pay_response = pay_request.pay(data)

     if pay_response.success?
         # Send user to paypal
         redirect_to pay_response.preapproval_paypal_payment_url
         puts pay_response.errors.first['message']
         redirect_to root_url, alert: "Something went wrong. Please contact support."

What am I doing bad?

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Can you test with



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Thank you very much. Sorry but not working! –  hyperrjas Jul 19 '12 at 17:28
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The error was fixed:

The error is in "primary" => true and "primary" => false.

I have removed this code and now the controller does works fine.

Thank you very much!

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