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Okay, so I have a few possible matches that I need to test. It can either equal A or B, so the obvious way to test it would be something like this:

    echo "yup";

I was just wondering if their were an easier way to test values without restating the variable for every value, like this (I know this doesn't work):

    echo "yuppers";

Is something like this possible?

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"A"||"B" would take the logical OR of two strings. Since they're non-zero. this would always evaluate to TRUE. – Marc B Jul 19 '12 at 17:22
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You can use in_array

$array = array('A','B','other values');
if(in_array($val, $array)){
    // value is in array
}else {
    // invalid value
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You can use in_array:

if (in_array($val, array('A', 'B'))) {
    echo 'yuppest';
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you can add "A" and "B" to the array and use in_array method but this is definitely not more efficient than $val=="A" || $val =="B"

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