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Why doesn't this work


I get this error from firebug:

TypeError: note.removeClass is not a function
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$('div.note')[0] gives you a javascript object, not a jQuery object, and removeClass is a jQuery method. You need to convert it to a jQuery object before using jQuery methods.

Try this,



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Haha, awesome, is there a logical reason why that works and what I tried doesn't? – Costa Jul 19 '12 at 18:33
@Costa Because you unwrap the jQuery object and reference it as a javascript element. This means you cannot apply jQuery logic to the element. – Ohgodwhy Jul 19 '12 at 18:34

If you're not strict on the bracket usage, using .eq() is much more streamlined.

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Very basically, think of each jQuery call as giving you an object that looks like this:

var myPosts = $(".posts");

// To help make sense of it, myPosts looks something like this.
myPosts === {
   elements : [ /* all of your returned elements */ ]
   helpfulMethod : function () { for (element in elements) { /* .... */ } },
   otherHelpfulMethod : function () { for (element in elements) { /*...*/ } }

If you said:

var element = myPosts.elements[0];

it would spit errors at you.

The way it gets around having the .element addition is by calling the array as "this", after the fact.

You could also do:

for (i in arr; ....) {
    this[i] = arr[i];

and get the same effect.

So calling myPosts[0] just gets you the HTML element. Then you either need to wrap that in a jQuery object to use the helper methods, or you need to use the jQuery helper function, to access that particular element.

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