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Can we create Sub Type of Type Class in haskell? Up to how many level sub-typing of Type Class can go?

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Yes, we can. By using type constraints. As for the level, I don't think there is a hard limit. –  Niklas B. Jul 19 '12 at 19:09
Note that a "sub type class" in the Haskell sense is not like a sub class in an OO language, all you can do is require any instance of the "sub type class" to also implement the type class (which is done with a type constraint as in the answer below). –  Tilo Wiklund Jul 19 '12 at 21:40

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Yes, it is possible to create some kind of subclass in Haskell. It looks basically like this:

class Parent a where

class Parent a => Child a where

Then any instance of Child is also required to be an instance of Parent.

See, for example, Applicative class.

Also I don't think there is a restriction on 'level' of subclassing since (I guess so) subclassing can be though as sequential union of corresponding instances' class dictionaries which contain their respective implementations of polymorphic functions, and seemingly there are no boundaries for this dictionary growth.

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