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I'm getting a syntax error on the 2nd to last line here, but don't know why. It seems identical to the line 2 lines before it, but for some reason I'm getting a syntax error. I've tried it both with and without a blank line between it and the line before it, with the same results.

## numlist = some list
array_size = 20
for row in xrange(array_size):
    for col in xrange(array_size):
            check(sum([numlist[row+i][col] for i in range(4)]))
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You are missing a closing ')' for the statement below the first if-statement.


should be


Note: Using an editor with the feature that matches/highlights parens is a very useful tool to have and will save you from spending time finding these sort of errors.

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Should be:


note the extra parenthesis at the end

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how could this happen? –  spacediver Jul 19 '12 at 19:32
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