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How do I filter by the sfGuardUserProfile fields, when using the sfGuard plugin in Symfony 1.4?

As I think is standard, I created a sf_guard_user_profile table to hold fields like first name, last name, and so on.

I have a fairly stock list of users for my admin index page. I can filter by the username just fine. But I cannot filter by a field that is in the sf_guard_user_profile table, like last_name.

My generator.yml looks like

  class: sfPropelGenerator
    model_class: sfGuardUser

        display: [=username, first_name, last_name, last_login, role]
        batch_actions: []

        display: [username]

        class: myGuardUserAdminForm

I can get the fields to show up in the form on the page by changing to:

    class: sfGuardUserProfileFormFilter

but when I submit that form with a valid value for last_name, it doesn't filter. All records are returned.

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Adding sfGuardUserProfileFormFilter as filter class isn't the right way to filter first_name, last_name and other profile fields.

Instead you have to add a field, that you need to filter, in the filter display list like:

    display: [username, first_name, last_name]

Then you have to merge sfGuardUserProfileFormFilter in sfGuardUserFormFilter:

public function configure()

    $this->mergeForm(new sfGuardUserProfileFormFilter());

Finally add in sfGuardUserFormFilter a function addMyFieldColumnCriteria (Propel notation) for each field of the merged form sfGuardUserProfileFormFilter that you want to filter. For first_name we have:

    protected function addFirstNameColumnCriteria(Criteria $criteria, $field, $values)
        if (!is_array($values))

        $criteria->addJoin(sfGuardUserPeer::ID, sfGuardUserProfilePeer::USER_ID, Criteria::INNER_JOIN);

        if (isset($values['is_empty']) && $values['is_empty'])
            $criteria->add($field, null, Criteria::ISNULL);
            $criteria->addOr($field, '', Criteria::EQUAL);
            $value = $values['text'];
            if ($value == '')
            $criteria->add($field, '%'.$value.'%', Criteria::LIKE);
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