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My question is less about the programmatic aspect of Android and more about the designing of it.

My designer gave me a background so we can add it to our project.

It's a 960 x 640 image (iPhone designer :)) and now I am wondering how I should apply it to my background's Theme.

  1. Should I ask the designer to give me this background in ldpi, mdpi, hdpi and xhdpi resolutions?
  2. Or should I just convert it to a 9patch image and save it in the drawable folder?
  3. What's the performance impact of having an image as background in my application?

I tried creating the 9patch image, but the background has some noise in it, and it stretched it incorrectly.

Many thanks, Felipe


Guys, thanks for the help so far. This is my background image:

I am struggling to transform this into a 9-patch. I am losing its quality when stretched. Can anyone give me a hand converting this, if possible?

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option 1 is the most appropriate – moujib Jul 19 '12 at 20:16

9-patch or tiled would be the preferred way to do it. Backgrounds designed in that fashion are easily adjustable for different screen sizes. It essentially future-proofs your app in case there are different, new, and/or weird aspect ratios released in the future.

Aside from that, issue 1 would be the only option if there's a lot of detail/gradient/alpha in the background. Sometimes 9-patch just isn't a solution for the design.

The performance of loading large images as a background would be entirely dependent on your program. If the background is loaded once at the beginning of the activity, then you may get a few milliseconds lost in decoding while loading the activity but will never notice again. Aside from that, large background images take up precious memory space that will be gone for the duration of the app. Drawing them doesn't tend to be a problem unless you do it many times a second. You wouldn't want to put the background on a view that's animating for instance.

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