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I built and installed gcc-4.7 on Fedora 16 from source. But when i go to the installation directory (/opt/gcc-4.7.0/bin) and query for the version g++ -v, i get gcc version 4.6.3 .... I did not use any suffix like -4.7 during the configuration, so my installed binary is g++. Is there any other configuration required post installation?

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./g++ -v for security reasons the PATH does not include the current working directory. – Steve-o Sep 28 '12 at 17:50

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Did you check the path?

which gcc /usr/bin/gcc

To change it to /opt/gcc... you can either set the PATH variable:

export PATH=/opt/gcc-4.7.0/bin:$PATH

..or create an alias, or set the CC and CXX variable to point to you gcc and g++ and then any ./configure / cmake / jam / etc should get the gcc declared in CC/CXX.

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