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My Webapp is in $HOME/workspace/WebApp01. If I type localhost:8080/WebApp01, how does the browser/container know that it has to fetch index.html/index.jsp from $HOME/workspace/WebApp01 ?

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You are defining those files in web.xml descriptor as welcome files. Container's (Tomcat's) default welcome-file-list looks something like like this:


The rules container (Tomcat) uses to decided which file to load are as follows:

  1. The list of files in your welcome-file-list are checked in order
  2. If no welcome-file-list was specified, the list of files from the server's default web.xml are checked in order
  3. If no suitable files are found, and the directory listings feature is enabled, a directory listing is displayed
  4. If directory listings are disabled, a 404 error occurs (which may in turn display the page you have specified using the tag).

Take a look here for more information.

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But when you type localhost:8080 in your browser, you are not specifying that the Webapp01 folder is inside $HOME/worskspace. So how does the container know that the webapp is residing in $HOME/workspace/WebApp01 ? – Sharat Chandra Jul 20 '12 at 3:20

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