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we have a string

string strScope = "This site is used for business group. [Title]Business Group[/Title][URL][\URL]";

In C# how we will get the Business Group from title & url from the above string.

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Have you tried anything? – climbage Jul 19 '12 at 20:42

Use this regex:


Group tag matches tag name, in your case: Title, URL.
Group value matches value of this tag.

I assume your input is:

[Title]Business Group[/Title][URL][/URL]



var rx = new Regex(@"\[(?<tag>[^\]]+)](?<value>.*?)\[/\k<tag>]");
var txt = "This site is used for business group. [Title]Business Group[/Title [URL][/URL]";
var m = rx.Matches(txt);

foreach (Match match in m)
    Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", match.Groups["tag"].Value, match.Groups["value"].Value);
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A great resource for testing regular expressions is Regexr.


The above will match what you posted. I assume you meant to use a "/" in URL, which would be matched by


Code example (assuming you actually want the [\URL]

        string strScope = "This site is used for business group. [Title]Business Group[/Title][URL][\URL]";

        var match = Regex.Match( strScope, @"\[Title\]([^\[]+)\[/Title\]\[URL\]([^\[]+)\[\\URL\]");
        if ( match.Groups.Count >= 2)
            string name = match.Groups[0].Value;
            string url = match.Groups[1].Value;

Obviously use the other regex if you want the more conventional [/URL]

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Try this expression:


The first capturing group will be "Business Group"; the second one will contain the URL.

Here is a quick demo on ideone.

var rx = new Regex(@"\[Title\]([^\[]+)\[/Title\]\[URL\]([^\[]+)\[/URL\]");
var txt = "This site is used for business group. [Title]Business Group[/Title][URL][/URL]";
var m = rx.Match(txt);

This prints

Business Group
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