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I'm messing about with the Bing Maps WPF control and SOAP services, trying to reverse geocode a point. I tried to implement some code from this project, specifically this block of code:

private string ReverseGeocodePoint(string locationString)
              string results = "";
              ReverseGeocodeRequest reverseGeocodeRequest = new ReverseGeocodeRequest();

              // Set the credentials using a valid Bing Maps key
              reverseGeocodeRequest.Credentials = new GeocodeService.Credentials();
              reverseGeocodeRequest.Credentials.ApplicationId = key;

              // Set the point to use to find a matching address
              GeocodeService.Location point = new GeocodeService.Location();
              string[] digits = locationString.Split(';');

              point.Latitude = double.Parse(digits[0].Trim());
              point.Longitude = double.Parse(digits[1].Trim());

              reverseGeocodeRequest.Location = point;

              // Make the reverse geocode request
              GeocodeServiceClient geocodeService = new GeocodeServiceClient();
              GeocodeResponse geocodeResponse = geocodeService.ReverseGeocode(reverseGeocodeRequest);

              if (geocodeResponse.Results.Length > 0)
                  results = geocodeResponse.Results[0].DisplayName;
                  results = "No Results found";

              return results;

However, when I try to implement it, I'm being told: Error: The type or namespace name 'Credentials' does not exist in the namespace 'GeocodeTest.GeocodeService' (are you missing an assembly reference?) This error occurs on the line:

reverseGeocodeRequest.Credentials = new GeocodeService.Credentials();

Curious, I decided to take a look at the service reference through the object browser. Apparently, my GeocodeService doesn't even have a Credentials member. So now the question is:

  • Should I add the member myself? If so, how would I do this?
  • If not, what alternatives to do have in terms of providing credentials?
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The Credentials namespace/type doesn't exist for the service reference GeocodeText.GeocodeService. Instead, you have to use the Credentials from the Bing Maps WPF Control. The statement would look like so:

reverseGeocodeRequest.Credentials = new Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.WPF.Credentials();
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