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Whats the easiest way of adding custom json output when you render json? I've seen people override as_json or to_json but they usually exclude attributes or include associations. Is there a way of including plain text?

in my view:

def show_json
    show_id = URI.decode(params[:id])
    show_id = show_id.gsub(/\s*$/,'')
    logger.debug "\nshow json: #{show_id}\n"
    @qtls = Qtl.find_by_sql("select * from qtls where qtl_name like '%#{show_id}%' or qtl_symbol in (select qtl_symbol from obs_traits where qtl_symbol like '%#{show_id}%' or trait_name like '%#{show_id}%');")
    render :json => @qtls

this returns something like:

[{qtl: {...qtl attributes..}},{... more qtls }]

and I would like to add a a specific field for each qtl. Whats best way to do that?

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override as_json or use some gem to provide many json templates for example https://github.com/fabrik42/acts_as_api

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Thank you :) This feature of acts_as_api in particular I found useful if anyone is curious: github.com/fabrik42/acts_as_api/wiki/… –  bdeonovic Jul 23 '12 at 13:44

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