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Here is the query that I am using. Let's assume that the URL which was used to access this page is

  <query name="SimpleQuery" rowElementName="Table" runif="showpage">
        select * from Table where ID = @QueryStringID
    <queryparam paramname="@QueryStringID"       paramtype="request" requestparamname="id"        sqlDataType="int" defvalue="0"  validationpattern="" />

So this should translate this query: select * from Table where ID = 3, but it is not getting the querystring parameter properly.

According to the AspDotNetStorefront documentation (, the paramtype request can be used to access querystring variables, but I cannot figure out how.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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That looks right. Your query, however, might not be executing due to your runif attribute (runif="showpage").

Exert from the link you referenced: "The runif attribute can be used to run the query under only certain circumstances. The value should be either a querystring/form/cookie param or an appconfig param. If the specified querystring/form/cookie param or an appconfig param doesn't exist or is an empty the query will not be executed. This could be used for a page where the query should not be run until the page is submitted with a form field."

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