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Just came across the latest build of Mono.CSharp and love the promise it offers.

Was able to get the following all worked out:

namespace XAct.Spikes.Duo
class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        CompilerSettings compilerSettings = new CompilerSettings();
        compilerSettings.LoadDefaultReferences = true;
        Report report = new Report(new Mono.CSharp.ConsoleReportPrinter());

        Mono.CSharp.Evaluator e;

        e= new Evaluator(compilerSettings, report);

        //IMPORTANT:This has to be put before you include references to any assemblies
        //our you;ll get a stream of errors:
        e.Run("using System;");
        //IMPORTANT:You have to reference the assemblies your code references...
        //...including this one:
        e.Run("using XAct.Spikes.Duo;");

        //Go crazy -- although that takes time:
        //foreach (Assembly assembly in AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies())
        //    e.ReferenceAssembly(assembly);
        //More appropriate in most cases:

        //Exception due to no semicolon
        //e.Run("var a = 1+3");
        //Doesn't set anything:
        //e.Run("a = 1+3;");
        e.Run("var a = 1+3;");
        e.Run("A x = new A{Name=\"Joe\"};");

        var a  = e.Evaluate("a;");
        var x = e.Evaluate("x;");

        //Not extremely useful:
        string check = e.GetVars();

        //Note that you have to type it:
        Console.WriteLine(((A) x).Name);

        e = new Evaluator(compilerSettings, report);
        var b = e.Evaluate("a;");
public class A
    public string Name { get; set; }

And that was fun...can create a variable in the script's scope, and export the value.

There's just one last thing to figure out... how can I get a value in (eg, a domain entity that I want to apply a Rule script on), without using a static (am thinking of using this in a web app)?

I've seen the use compiled delegates -- but that was for the previous version of Mono.CSharp, and it doesn't seem to work any longer.

Anybody have a suggestion on how to do this with the current version?

Thanks very much.

References: * Injecting a variable into the Mono.CSharp.Evaluator (runtime compiling a LINQ query from string) * http://naveensrinivasan.com/tag/mono/

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