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I'm using the basic setup of jQuery File Upload in a Rails app, i.e. I'm not using the stock UI or server-side scripts. The on-page UX that I want is very different from the one bundled in the plugin.

I'm using the add, done, and progress callbacks to implement the UX I want. However, I can't figure out how to uniquely identify a particular file across it's entire "upload lifecycle". For each file that is being uploaded I want to create a div and display the progress bar and file thumbnail inside it.

Right now I'm using the file-name of the uploaded file to identify it across the life cycle and tie it to a particular div However, that will break as soon as a user uploads two (or more) files with the same name.

How do I solve this?

(Have I described the problem properly? Do let me know if it's too vague or ambiguous).

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The second parameter of the callback (data) is related to the upload, so for example you can save 'reference' to the html progress related to the upload.

    add: function (e, data) {
                data.whatever = $('<div></div>');
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